Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough!

Cinnamon RaisinCinnamon raisin is a classic – there’s something enormously comforting about the smell of toasted cinnamon and the sweetness of raisins with your morning coffee.  (This bread took a little tweaking to get just the right amount of cinnamon and raisins throughout.  We are determined to bring you the perfect loaf of bread!)  This one’s a keeper.  Expect this bread to be a regular addition to the menu and our Farmer’s Market offerings!

Fun fact – Cinnamon has antibiotic properties  and as such has medicinal applications!  However, this also means that too much cinnamon can interfere with the delicate natural yeasts used in our bread.  Because we use no commercial yeasts (ie, genetically engineered to be super-strong and fast-acting,) the many wild yeasts in our bread (the ones humans have used over the centuries to make wine, bread, and beer) can be affected by an imbalance in the ingredients.  The first batch of this bread had too much cinnamon throughout (even for cinnamon lovers – it’s a strong flavor!!) and would not rise, even though other breads made from the same batch of dough rose beautifully!  The cinnamon had done its antibiotic job too well…and killed off the yeast!

Balance in all things!

  • Gail

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