Sourdough Baking Crash Course!

During this uncertain and frustrating time as we isolate ourselves from our community the silver lining is that we have the opportunity to connect in new ways and continue to grow.  I’ve been asked by several people to share my method for baking sourdough bread, so I’ve put together a series of 3 videos and some written instructions if you would like to try my recipe at home!  Please feel free to email me with questions – I tried to be thorough but I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty.

Video #1 – Equipment and ingredients, making the levain, mixing the dough

Video #2 – Stretching and folding the dough, shaping into loaves

Video #3 – Baking the loaves: three different methods

A link to a PDF with timelines, measurements, equipment, and ingredients is here:
Sourdough Deets

If you want to learn how to make a sourdough starter, I recommend going straight to the top with Tartine’s Head of Bread, on their Instagram feed.  The first video in their series is here:
Sourdough Starter Tutorial



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