Wednesday 1/13 Menu

Happy New Year, friends!
I hope everyone is healthy and happy!  I’m starting up the weekly Wednesday bake after our holiday break with a box special and a new item.  This menu is for pickup at the Louisburg mini-market in front of the Louisburg Market Street antique store at  
1220 W Amity St
Louisburg, KS  66053
On Wednesday, 1/13
between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.
I’m baking white sourdough and lemon poppyseed kefir scones.  Kefir is a probiotic milk drink similar to yogurt.  The scones are baked with homemade kefir and are naturally leavened (like the sourdough bread – no commercial yeast).  They are fluffy and tender and lightly glazed with a homemade orange syrup frosting.  
White sourdough – $7 per loaf
Scones – $3 per scone or $15 for 6
Box Special – 1 white sourdough and 6 scones for $20 ($5 savings per box!)
Orders must be in by Monday at 9PM.
Thanks and hope to see you Wednesday!

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